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Off World: Building Better Colonies

Welcome to the era of space exploration, an era of where anything’s possible! As long as it’s profitable for your corporation, that is!

For years you’ve toiled without pause, plotting, doggedly climbing the corporate ladder higher and higher. Finally, your efforts bear fruit. You’ve been placed in charge of the company’s space division, a burgeoning, fantastically promising market. If you play your cards right, your influence will not only extend over the colonies, but Earth and the entire Solar System, too, and your name will go down in history!


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The game

In an X3 type of play (explore, exploit, expand), there is little place for the fourth X – exterminate. Always keep in mind that corporate boards are stationed back in the Solar System and answer before authorities for every wrongdoing, forcing them to play within the rules enforced by the United Nations. Needless to say, this precludes armed conflict. But Earth craves new venues of exploration and exploitation, and aggressive action is an open possibility, but only out of the government’s spying eye. Should it be brought to light, a steep fine is inevitable. You can achieve victory by a number of means: by scheming and robbing other players of their properties, or peacefully exploring and developing your colonies – the nature of play reflects the nature of players.

Goal of the game

In Off World you control one of the leading international corporations that have carved out the dying, polluted Mother Earth, sucked dry of natural resources. Following a major technological breakthrough that allowed interstellar travel lasting dozens of years at a time, these companies have invested massive sums into private space fleets that would launch an immediate exploration effort across the neighboring systems. Your success is measured not only in hard cash but chiefly in your colony assets, among them terraforming installations on inhospitable planets.